HCA Pharmacy Centralized Order Entry

  • Questions?
  • What technologies should I know before applying?

  • HCA-affiliate facilities and organizations, including HCA Pharmacy COE, use the MEDITECH health information system to track a patient’s clinical history and pharmacy orders. Prior experience with the MEDITECH system in a pharmacy setting is preferred.

  • How do I apply for an HCA Pharmacy COE position?

  • Simply locate an HCA Pharmacy COE position, on HCA.jobs. Once you find a position simply select "Apply" and you will be able to complete your online application.

  • Where are the HCA Pharmacy COE centers?

  • Currently, HCA Pharmacy COE centers are located in Denver, Colo., Richmond, Va., Tampa, Fla., and Nashville, Tenn. HCA has made a commitment to open one more COE centers in Houston, Texas. Collectively, the five COE centers will serve more than 170 HCA-affiliate hospitals.

  • How does the HCA Pharmacy COE work?

  • Prescriptions are digitally scanned and transmitted to a central location, where a group of pharmacists processes the order before re-transmitting back it to the facility to be filled. The COE environment eliminates the distractions and limits the interruptions associated with a traditional work setting so that the pharmacist can focus on order entry.

  • How many hospitals does the COE serve?

  • Overall, the current HCA Pharmacy COE centers serve more than 60 HCA hospitals. The HCA Pharmacy COE center in Richmond, Va., serves 22 of those hospitals in eight states: Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, Texas, Utah and Virginia.

  • Do I need to be licensed in each of those states before applying?

  • Being a licensed pharmacist in the states in which you practice, even if you are not physically in that state, is required. However, you do not need to be licensed in the states our COE serves prior to applying; if we believe you are a good fit within the COE center, we will cover the costs of becoming licensed in the states in which you will practice. Most of our COE pharmacists are licensed to practice in four to five states.

  • How many hospitals can I expect to cover on a shift?

  • Our COE pharmacists can expect to cover two to three hospitals on any given shift, although the number may increase to five or six smaller hospitals. Whatever the number of hospitals covered, the workload is always balanced so you can safely and effectively cover the assigned number of hospitals.

  • So, I can work from home?

  • Yes. Although each of our COE centers are based out of a central location, you do not need to work out of the central office. Conversely, you do not have to work from home. The HCA Pharmacy COE offers the flexibility to work either in a traditional office environment or by telecommuting.

  • If I am hired and elect to work from home, who pays for the necessary technologies to perform my duties?

  • HCA will provide, on loan, the technologies needed to perform your job from a remote location. All hardware and software must be returned to the company if and when your job is terminated at your or the company's discretion.

  • As an HCA Pharmacy COE employee, will I be eligible for benefits?

  • Yes. COE pharmacists are full-time employees and are eligible to receive HCA's industry-leading benefits package.

  • Do you still have opportunities for qualified facility-based pharmacists?

  • Yes. To see all of our pharmacy opportunities, please visit HCA.jobs.

Current Positions

We are currently looking for several pharmacists to work in our COE.

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We also have opportunities for exceptional pharmacists at our network of hospitals. You can find them all at HCA.jobs.

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